It was typical of colonial new england adults to

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Daigar 5 months ago
Just how freak in the streets are you
Grokus 5 months ago
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Doulrajas 5 months ago
Truth. :-)
Nikokinos 5 months ago
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Faezuru 5 months ago
After a stressful divorce from a emotionally abusive man, my friend found herself alone in the world except for a handful of friends. Her two daughters have cut her off for years and years (they are both in their 20's now). Every year on their birthdays, she calls me and cries and cries. She thinks her ex has manipulated them and lied to them. She lost her house, her money, and her family. She did everything for those girls and was a good mother from what I saw. I think that the ex has something to do with it, he kept the house and dog and probably gives them money. Also, she was extremely over-protective, micromanaging, and controlling when they were growing up. The daughters live in the same town, nearby, and she hasn't talked to them in years, reaching out, crying, apologizing, being ignored. I can't tell you how painful it is for her.... Everyone is on the side of the daughter in this column, but to completely cut off your own mother, both of the daughters, for 9-10 years, it makes my friend feel like what is there to live for? Her whole life has been a failure and she might as well be dead for all anyone cares, never been born at all.

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