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Tojagul 2 years ago
First of all, the fact that he would invite someone, ANYONE, to live in their shared home without at least discussing it is a problem. I don’t care if it was his mother (for example), a three week house guest of any kind is an imposition and it is disrespectful not to discuss it first. Given that it’s an ex this isn’t just an imposition it’s an extreme stressor. I mean it’s not like he invited this woman over for dinner and forgot to mention it (rude but forgivable) he invited her to live there until she sorted out a new living arrangement. Even if she’s been honest about moving the odds of delays were HIGH.
Malkis 2 years ago
I think i saw u today on a bus. ? I wanna lick u so dam bad. But good.
Ketaxe 2 years ago

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